Available in the Store

Available in the Store

Whether you are a store member, or just want to do a little shopping before the weekend, here are the farm items that are available now:

Radishes - Sized up nicely, not yet pithy.  Crisp, with a little bit of that spring time bite.

Hakurei Turnips - Can be used raw or cooked.  The root is juicy and sweet with a hint of earthiness.  The greens are rich and great in a stir fry.

Spinach - An early planting that had limited germination but is in its prime now.  Limited Supply!

Lettuce Mix - Already washed and spun.  Just add a dressing and you're salad is ready!

Red Russian Kale - Very tender and mild from this early hoop house planted.  No flea beetle damage yet, so it's beautiful too.

Lovage - An incredible herb.  Its stalk can be used in place of celery in most recipes, or as a straw for water or any other kind of beverage.  Its foliage is aromatic, fresh, and cleansing.  Use them chopped in salad or blend into sauces or dressings.

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