Cynthia's Kitchen - Fennel

Cynthia's Kitchen - Fennel

Fennel is one of the most versatile summer vegetables. Its mildly licorice flavor enhances most fish, shellfish, and meats as well as lending some zip to salads. Here are a few ideas:

*First remove the outer layer which may be tough

1. Grate some raw fennel bulb into coleslaw.

2. Sprinkle grated fennel over grilled fish.

3. Add pieces of fennel to pots when steaming clams or mussels. Not great with lobster as its taste can overcome the subtle flavor of the lobster.

4. Cut in half lengthwise, dab with oil, and grill. I was introduced to this in Italy and it is really delicious.

5. Add some halved fennel to the pan when roasting chicken.

6. Add bulb and/or greens to rice when making risotto.

7. A fabulous pasta sauce can be made by sautéing chopped fennel with kale, red pepper flakes or some of Shepsi’s smoked cayenne, and lemon. Or combine the fennel with just about anything you have for a real summer treat over pasta.

8. Grate some fennel on top of a green salad to spice it up.

9. You can boil some chopped fennel with potatoes and mash them.

10. Try this for a fancy luncheon. Salute some chopped garlic scapes, thyme, onion, crushed red pepper, chopped fennel, until soft. Add some white wine and chopped tomatoes and cook down until thick. Serve over pasta. Top with parmesan and parsley. Serve with some of Liz’s salt and soot bread for an amazing meal.

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