Cynthia's Kitchen - Garlic Scapes

Cynthia's Kitchen - Garlic Scapes

Garlic scapes are strange looking edibles, indeed. About mid July, the garlic plants, which have been put in the previous fall, send out seed heads/scapes, which sap energy from the garlic plant if they are not removed. When we first moved here, over 40 years ago, the first year, we composted them, not realizing that they were a valuable veggie. They make a fabulous pesto by themselves, and certainly add to the basil pesto that we make. Their taste is a bit more muted and sweet than the garlic cloves that come later. They keep for weeks if put in slightly open zip-lock bag.

What to do with them?

1. They are great grilled with a little salt and lemon juice.

2. Add to your favorite hummus recipe.

3. They make a very tasty compound butter for your grilled baguette.

4. Add chopped scapes to stir-fries and fried rice.

5. Try adding some to your scrambled eggs.

6. Perfect for vinaigrette.

7. Sprinkle some chopped scapes on your pizza.

8. Add to your green salad.

9. Drop some in your next batch of soup. (I made chicken soup today and added two chopped scapes)

10. Add some chopped scapes to your next batch of biscuits or scones.

These are a few ideas but you can really use them instead of garlic in any recipe.

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