New in the Store

New in the Store

Sweet Potato Greens - Sweet Potato is in the same family as Morning Glory.  The plants vine out and create a carpet before putting out some beautiful light purple flowers.  The young shoots are edible and delicious.  Try adding the greens to the pan with sweet peppers and onions and I'm sure it will be quite pleasing.  Give it more time to cook than you would spinach.  Similar cooking style to kale.

Paste Tomatoes - some words from Cynthia:

"Paste tomatoes will keep for quite a while, just out on a counter. Never put tomatoes in the refrigerator, as it turns them mushy and destroys the taste.

The great thing about paste tomatoes is that their water content is much less than other tomatoes so you don’t have a lot of liquid to cook down.

They dry really well - just slice in half lengthwise, place cut side down on a board and push with hand until seeds and liquid come out. Then place in sunny spot until dried. Wait until it looks like sunny weather for a few days. When they are like leather, I pack in jars with garlic and olive oil.

Paste tomatoes make the best ketchup, tomato paste, and tomato sauce. Shepsi put up about 130 jars of tomato sauce for the winter using paste tomatoes.

I use slices of paste tomatoes right on my pizza instead of sauce. Easy and delicious.


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