New in the Store

New in the Store

Cucumbers - These are the perfect fix for the hottest part of a summer day.  Cut into spears and dipped into kale scape pesto has been our favorite snack.

Summer Squash - A delicious and satisfyingly juicy summer fruit that seems to go with just about anything.  We've been slicing them into cross sections then putting them in the oven with sunflower oil and salt at least once a day.

Tomatoes - We are seeing more and more ripening in our high tunnel tomato patch and we will be picking whatever we can each morning and stocking them in the store.  There are mixed heirloom varieties including Pruden's Purple, Cherokee Purple, Rose de Berne, Green Zebra, Copia, Striped German, Pink Berkeley Tie Die, Black Krim, and Valencia.

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