Update from the Gardens

Update from the Gardens

An August full moon is giving us a big late summer push of growth in the gardens.  This growth is essential to the storage crops we have planted, like carrots and beets.  It is also helping our autumn greens to germinate in the garden and hoophouse and get a head start while the daylight hours are quickly waning.  Winter squash vines are starting to die back, revealing beautiful treasures for the autumn and winter.  Even some of the pumpkin vines are slowing down and and color of orange is showing strong in the patch.  The cabbage shows us we are in the downswing of the warm season as they turn in on themselves and become dense and hard for winter.

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  • Diane Plourde

    So good to see you all at the last WH Farmers’ Mkt today!
    Isn’t it funny when people say “have a good winter”? LOL!
    Wonderful folk have vacation mind and we year-rounders are just getting into the late season – lush with harvest.
    See ya at the farm on MONDAY as I have to make a very big salad on Tuesday evening. Will be looking for head lettuce, or cut lettuce, and hoping for small tomatoes, etc, etc.
    Harbor – I appreciated you staffing the cash box and giving me my $$$ change. I bet you like counting and figuring out your numbers!
    Namaste, and thanks for being our farmers.
    PS – Thanks for letting me know about the dried beans, Shepsi. Oh, well….next year ;)

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