Update from the Gardens

Update from the Gardens

October is here and autumn has hit.  The colors and clothes are changing and the first fires have been lit in the wood stoves.  We have harvested all our storage onions and shallots.  Soon we will be digging sweet potatoes and our root crops.  The brussels plants are growing sprouts and the shelling beans are finally sizing up.  The broccoli is starting to send out significant side shoots after loosing it's central head to our kitchens.  The autumn greens are bulking up in the high tunnel.  Productions is starting to wind down and all fruiting plants on the farm are ripening with desperation to send their mature seeds to the soil.  Apples are falling all over the place and we are getting into the height of cider, apple sauce, and pie mode.

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  • James Devlin

    It has been a wonderful experience receiving our weekly bounty. Changed the whole diet for us and the look in the fridge. thanks

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