Weekly Pickup 6/6

Weekly Pickup 6/6

Red Choi - This small headed pac choi is tender and crunchy.  Use it raw as a snack or salad, or throw it into a pan or wok.

Hakurei Turnip - Hope you enjoyed these last week.


Baby Head Lettuce - The first small heads of lettuce out of the hoop house.

Oregano - Young and tender right now.  You can use the stem along with the leaves as they have not gotten woody yet.  Great chopped raw for rice salads or tossed into pasta.  Also cooks down wonderfully with any sauce or dish you are making.

Kale (Red Russian)

Stinging Nettles - These rich greens give a stinging sensation to the skin if handled in their raw form without gloves.  The sting brings circulation to the area affected and is not harmful.  However, they should be cooked in order to eat them.  Cook into a soup or chop them and cook in the pan or wok on high heat.  They need more cooking time then spinach or kale and should be cooked until soft.


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