Dog Ate My Homework

Dog Ate My Homework

No pictures today because Kelpie, our Nova Scotia Duck Toller puppy, chewed the USP cord and the new one won't be here until next week.

We've had a slight delay in the timber frame project because of the heavy rains inland. Apparently, the truck with the last load of timbers, was unable to deliver due to the road conditions from the flooding.

The frame WILL be up by August 1, we are promised. Yesterday, the excavator dug the new waterline to the new site, and through the slab, so that's all ready to go. During August, we will definitely have loads of work for anyone who is interested, boarding up the barn, partitioning stalls, doing interior work, putting down floorboards. If you'd like to help, please email me and I'll let you know what and when. Email address is

Next week we'll get our 3 week old chicks, raised for us by the guys at Ellsworth Feed and Seed. They'll go right outside to pasture. The turkeys that we raised in the horse trailer are going out this morning. We lost a few last night because, for some reason, they all piled into the feeder, and the poults at the bottom suffocated. The horses have been out in the wagon a few times and are proving themselves to be a stellar team.

Hope I'll have pictures soon of the timber frame going up. Stay tuned and thank you.