In The Thick of It

In The Thick of It

After months of frustration and waiting, things are moving very fast. Two weeks ago the timber frame company began to put together the frame which they finished last Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, we had the best barn raising ever. On Saturday, over 25 inexperienced and seasoned carpenters decked the hay floors and began putting up the siding. On Sunday, about 23 folks built 90% of the stalls and doors.

It is simply astounding what got done here in two days. We also had lots of food donations and help in the kitchen, which made for some very hearty and delicious meals. We went through over 80 cups of coffee on Saturday, along with four dozen donuts. Mac 'n cheese, chili, pork roast, pasta salads, ham sandwiches, brownies, decadent chocolate cake, filled up the workers and they went back at it until supper time.

Today the roofers are beginning their work and when they've put up a wooden roof, the metal roofers will move in. I think we'll be having horses and sheep in this gorgeous barn by the end of the month. Please come by and check it out.

This coming weekend, we'll be putting down hemlock floors in the alley and in the horse stalls if you're looking for a fun weekend project. Email me at if you're interested in helping out.

As the roof progresses, I'll add pictures. Thanks to everyone who helped out over the weekend and held us in their thoughts. Cynthia, Darthia Farm