Framing the Barn

Framing the Barn

I am sitting next to the new barn watching the timbers go up. It is a giant puzzle full of intricate cuts which go together with precision. The timbers are beautiful. I don't usually use that word because it doesn't mean much these days but I can't think of a better word. The joints are perfect, fit together like they are one piece of wood. They have finished with the second floor and are putting in the joists. This afternoon I think I'll see the roof rafters being "flown" up with the large crane.

Next week the roofers will come in, put on a wooden roof and sealant, and then call in the metal roofing guys who come from Appleton. Week after next we will be calling in volunteers to put in floors, walls, interior walls, partitions. And we have a lot of folks lined up to make and bring food to feed the volunteers, but can always use more.

This whole procedure plays like a well choreographed ballet and is fascinating to watch. Please feel welcome to come up any time and take a look, pull up a chair, take some photographs.

After months of feeling lost and scared, I'm beginning to see how it's going to be, with sheep in their stall, horses munching hay from their hayrack, new calves sucking on their bottles, the smell of Bill's lovingly mowed hay for the winter.

If you are interested in helping with carpentry, gofering, or cooking, please contact me at and I'll keep you up-to-date on the progress and when we'll be needing volunteers.

'Lucky' the lone survivor of the fire, keeps his eye on things !

Thanks so much for all your help and concern.

I'll be posting some more pictures very soon.