Shucking, Singing, and Swinging

Shucking, Singing, and Swinging

October 14 from 2pm - 7pm (Look for us in front of the barn till about 5 or at Shepsi and Liz's house after 5)  

  • -Shucking-

We invite you to join us while we shuck our dry beans for winter storage and shuck our garlic in preparation for planting.

We may also be picking wool and rippling flax and will be pressing sweet apple cider.  

  • -Singing-

We love to sing while we work!  The more voices, the better the songing and the better the work!  

  • -Sustenance-

A hearty bean soup with fresh sourdough bread and an autumn salad will be provided for supper at the lower house once it starts to get dark.  Songs and music will continue there.  

  • -Swinging-

Contra Dance 7:30pm at Hammond Hall in Winter Harbor with music by the Sheep Island Rovers.  Jon Archer will be calling the dance.

We will all head over there for some dancing at about 7.

Hope to see you here! All are welcome!

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