Farm Store Membership

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Pay now for the produce, meat, eggs, salve, pesto, flowers, and preserves you will be purchasing throughout the farm store season (May-October) and receive a CSA member discount in the store.  You will also receive weekly newsletters informing you of what new items are available in the store.

Pay by April 1st:      $100-$290 gets a 10% discount

                                    $300-$490 gets a 15% discount

                                    $500-$700 gets a 20% discount

Pay after April 1st:  $100-$290 gets a 5% discount

                                    $300-$490 gets a 10% discount

                                    $500-$700 gets a 15% discount

*Money left on your farm tab at the end of the farm store season does not carry over into the next year

*If you run out of money on your tab during the season, you may continue to receive your member discount for the remainder and either add to your tab or pay as you go.