Employment Opportunities

Now Accepting Applications

We are currently hiring for a part time position starting as soon as May 1 and continuing on to the end of September.  Please read the information below before applying.

The Farm

Our farm has 153 acres of woods, pasture, and gardens, located on West Bay in Gouldsboro.


We raise all our own vegetables, meat, eggs, herbs, and some fruit.  The Farm Store is our main sales venue.   We also have a small CSA, sell at one local Farmers’ Market, and sell to three local restaurants.  We currently have two head of beef cattle, a small meat/wool sheep flock, three Haflinger horses, laying hens, ducks, barn cat, and a Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever. We raise meat chickens and turkeys in the summer.  The horses prep gardens, dig potatoes, rake hay, haul logs, spread manure, and pull a wagon. We mill our own boards for various building projects.

Organic Farming

We have been certified Organic by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners for almost 40 years for vegetables, small fruits, flowers, woodlot. Our livestock do receive some commercially raised grain but are mostly fed on pasture or farm raised foods. Our meat is not certified. Our preserves are all made with certified organic ingredients but are not certified organic.

Job Description

The right person for this job enjoys garden work (planting, weeding, harvesting), interacting with the public (helping customers in our farm store), and working with livestock (helping with pasture rotation, loading hay, and/or slaughter).  You must be willing and able to learn about a task then work independently or in a team.


Starting hourly wage is $12/hour with an opportunity to bump up to $14/hour if you are proving to be a good fit and contributing to the farm operations.  There is also opportunity for work trade for veggies and/or meat.

Housing Opportunity

Ask if you are in need of housing and we can talk about the options we have on the farm.